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Crown Maple

Stewards of the trees and believers that the good you put in is the good you get back, Crown Maple strives to set a new royal standard for pure, organic maple in terms of quality, purity, and taste by pairing the best nature has to offer with artisan craftsmanship and innovative processing technology. Plant-based and rich in antioxidants like manganese and zinc, pure maple syrup is more than just a sweet addition to your Saturday morning pancakes. Crown Maple Glazed Pecan, Irish Soda Bread, Pecan Sticky Buns, Coffee Cake, Peach Corn & Kale Salad are a few among the many interesting recipes listed on Crown Maple's website. Their chef's guide helps you explore and discover the versatility of pure maple syrup from complex haute cuisine served by the most innovative chefs in the country to craft cocktail mixology. Crown Maple was established in 2010 in New York’s Hudson Valley at Madava Farms, an 800-acre organic family farm owned by Robb & Lydia Turner and named after their two daughters, Madeline and Ava. The story of Crown Maple begins with Robb and Lydia Turner, and their desire to find a retreat for their family. Their search brought them to New York’s Hudson Valley, which Robb had fallen in love with during his time at West Point. The Turner family found the perfect cabin with a wide range of geography and a phenomenal view at the top of a mountain. Robb leveraged his expertise in power and energy, becoming resourceful with science while respecting the traditions of maple sugaring. He learned about the essential techniques needed to purify & preserve maple sap in its most natural form. Then, Robb connected his industry expertise to the maple industry, creating an unparalleled state-of-the-art production process to deliver superior quality in maple. From Lydia’s kitchen emerged the greatest realization about the versatility of pure maple as one of the healthiest, most natural, and most sophisticated sweeteners. As a scratch-chef working from her kitchen, Lydia discovered the unparalleled flavor, the layers of sweet & savory, the depth of character, and the endless possibilities that maple provides. What sets them apart from other maple syrup producers, is the select quality of the estate-produced maple syrup. Also, they use breakthrough technologies like Dissolved Air Flotation and Industrial UV for cleaning and purifying the sap. Their products are available directly on their website, as well as on major eCommerce websites. They also supply to most outlets through food supply channels like Sysco and directly to manufacturers. If you are interested in sourcing this low glycemic product with higher nutritional value than most other sweeteners, with its layers of flavors and inviting sweetness, you can contact Mike Cobb at https://www.crownmaple.com/

Dave's Gourmet Specialty Food

Mouthwatering aged Romano and Parmesan cheese, juicy ripe California tomatoes, premium California garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and fresh herbs combined to create a rich and creamy hearty sauce, bursting with flavor. While that description may already entice you to check out Dave's Gourmet Specialty foods, there's more. The world's hottest sauce in limited edition, the heat levels of which you can change by just turning the top of the bottle, pasta sauces made from heirloom tomatoes, and even butternut squash pasta sauce, in all its uniqueness. But nothing can quite come up to their latest offering - The creamy new hot sauce in three distinct flavors of Garlic Red Pepper, Roasted Jalapenos, and Ginger Citrus, all whipped at high speed, to create a product that enhances your food like no other, with a little bit of heat and a whole lot of flavor. And did we mention that it was gluten-free and vegan too? We spoke to the original spice meister himself, Dave Hirschkop. Dave's condiments and sauces have been hailed as legendary by the Washington Post. He is out to push culinary limits and cause some pleasure and pain along the way. Passionate about delivering delicious and distinctive spicy sauces and snacks, Dave's emphasis is on innovation and delivering a great experience for consumers. He does this by spending money on better ingredients and doing what makes the most sense to him. He sells his products online, in specialty food stores, and through distribution channels to brick and mortar companies. So, if you are ready to start enjoying the burn, contact Dave at https://www.davesgourmet.com/.

Specialty Food Sales

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things. Theodore Levitt The owners at Specialty Food Sales have not only been thinking, but also doing new things for more than forty years. They do not just offer gourmet, ethnic, organic, natural, gluten-free, and delicious food, they bring passion and excitement to their customers. Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Specialty Food Sales offers sales and consulting services to their various principals. They sell to supermarkets, distributors, retailers, and e-tailers nationally. They maintain retail accounts across the country with supermarkets like Acme, Giant, Balducci's, Kings, Fairway, ShopRite, Whole Foods, YES! Organic Market, Mom's Organic Market, and Big Lots , to name a few. Jeffrey Landsman, the co-owner has been in the food business all his life while his partner Aaron comes from a farming & manufacturing background. They look for producers with a passion for their product, brand, and success. Though their producers come in all shapes and sizes, they all share a commitment to grow by producing and marketing some of the best foods in the country. One of their most innovative and fun products is the Baconnaise, with its almost cult-like following online. One of their most innovative and fun category of products is the bacon-flavored category. Their customers have professed their love for the flavor in tens and thousands online. It is especially suitable for people with health issues, since it tastes like bacon without the accompanying cholesterol and fat, as well as falls neatly into the vegetarian and kosher categories. An interesting fact is that people also make candy out of their Baconnaise. They even have 2 Wikipedia pages, one for J&D’s brand and the other for Baconnaise. As they say, imitation is the best flattery, and several of their innovative products have been replicated by other vendors after their original launch. The latest product they are working on is the everything bagel bacon salt, a brand new product created after polling customers and having 83% of respondents voting for this product. A launch is expected in two weeks. Their website is primarily B2C, but they also sell directly to wholesale accounts as well as to individual stores around the country. They make it a point to offer larger sizes at better price points, thus maximizing the value for their customers. If you are interested in buying or distributing any of their products, please contact Jeff at Specialty Food Sales (specialty-food-sales.com)

Big Daddy Sauces LLC

Dwayne Thompson is a survivor. And as they say, history is made by the survivors. And he is making it like a boss, one sauce bottle at a time. A native of New Orleans, Dwayne survived Hurricane Katrina but had to relocate to Alabaster, AL, and start all over again. The worst storms lead to the best dawns, and this move was the dawn of his Big Daddy BBQ sauce, also called the universal sauce, since it can be used as such, as well as in cooking. Dwayne's faith that it was God who led him in this direction has served him well considering the success that followed. “I was catering a private event one night for a friend in Birmingham and three people walked up to me and said, ‘Man, you should bottle this and sell it. I would buy it.’ I heard a voice say ‘Do it,’ and six months later, it was done, tested, approved and packaged.” With its characteristic New Orleans taste, the sweet sauce with a tang of heat is made in a commercial kitchen in Enterprise, Alabama. It can be purchased in Piggly Wiggly and several other stores in Alabama and Louisana. It can also be ordered on Amazon and for distribution nationwide. So, if you want to sauce like a boss, get in touch with Dwayne at HOME | Big Daddy Sauces LLC