Our Story

The world has changed. And as much as we wish for the good old days where things were simpler and safer, it is time to face the harsh truth and acknowledge that this reality is the new normal.

As a mother of two children in elementary school, I am always concerned when I see them off at the bus stop until they are back. I feel the pain and terror of the parents whose children were caught up in the innumerable shootings over the last few years.

As my kids described their safety drill at school and how they were instructed to take cover or run to a nearby church or house in case of an active threat, I wondered what more could be done to keep my children safe at school.

The research that followed led to some good solutions, and even more questions as to why these solutions were not available to all kids. Affordability, difficulty of maintenance and ensuring quality were all factors that stood out as challenges. And this is how Quacoon was born - a solution that would make it easier for every child in school to be protected at all times, and for every parent to rest assured that their child was well equipped to protect themselves in case of an emergency.

Welcome to the quacoon of safety and security!